Friday, July 16, 2010

3 Week Staycation

I just finished having 3 weeks off of work…paid time off!!!! I called it a staycation. If any of you ever get a chance to have a long staycation it is far more refreshing and rewarding than a destination vacation. I got so much done I have needed to accomplish. This break came at just the most perfect time for me. So back in February I had requested this time off in hopes of going to Germany a couple weeks to watch my sister Monica participate in the U-20 woman’s world cup. She plays with the U-20 girls Mexican national team and my parents, sisters, and several other family members were going to go to Germany to watch, including me, until I realized there was just no way I could afford to go to Germany with an upcoming wedding to plan. But the blessing was that I already had the time off approved and now could use it to help me play catch up with my wedding TO-DO list. Before my staycation, I had been having a lot of anxiety about all the wedding plans and was worried that I was not capable of planning a wedding. Since I don't have a wedding planner, my future sister-in-love Reagan has taken on that role and has been my sanity in all this. I found myself at a place where there are so many decisions, most of them depending on how much it costs, that I was losing my excitement in the wedding planning. There was probably one week where I was convinced me and Cam just needed to elope. But after my 3 weeks off I now feel so excited about the wedding and know that everything is coming together!

So what exactly did I get accomplished. Let’s see:

-I changed one of our wedding colors from yellow to lime green. So now we have chocolate brown, watermelon pink, and lime green.

-I met with Bambi, my reception coordinator from Chateau at Forest Park, and figured out all my centerpieces and other reception decorations.

-I booked a florist, Angela of Inspiration Blooms, and met with her to figure out the wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres.

-I met with my Capstone Church coordinator Rhonda, and was able to get a better idea of ceremony decorations needed.

-I got started on ceremony décor with the help of Reagan. We decided to do the DIY (do-it-yourself) method and bought urns and flowers to make into ceremony centerpieces. They are looking great so far!

-I bought a candelabra or two…or 42! (I’ll save this story for another blog)

-Me and Cam decided on a honeymoon location and booked it!!!! Riviera Maya, Mexico here we come!!!!

-Me and Cam took engagement pictures. We used Mallory Kulak King, one of Cameron’s friends in Waco to take them for us. We went to several locations around Waco that were just precious. Minus the humidity (and therefore my hair becoming frizzy), I think they went perfect!

-I bought a new car!!! A 2008 Honda Civic, black with grey interior. It was such a real experience for me and Cameron, we did it together, just the two of us, no parents involved. Probably one of the most “grown up” things I have done yet.

-Me and Cameron found an apartment in Waco for him to move into this month and then me to join after the wedding. We love it! Really close to Baylor campus. It’s a 2 story town home, 1 bedroom, 1 ½ baths. Such a fun thing for us to pick out what is going to be our first home together! I can’t wait!

-We went and registered for more stuff at BedBath&Beyond.

-My veil came in! Still waiting for the dress.

-I am having my friend and co-worker Advent be the videographer for our wedding. I am super excited to have him. His excitement to be able to shoot our wedding is priceless!

-Our DJ is also a co-worker of mine, Curtis…or should I say DJ Props! So fun!

-I met with Diane, one of Cameron’s managers at Ninfa’s, who is going to make our wedding cakes and gave her some of our ideas so far.

As you can see, things are coming together for us! In this 3 week staycation I also moved out of my apartment in Dallas that I have been living in for 3 ½ years and moved back home to Southlake with my parents. Getting 3 years worth of stuff back into my bedroom at home is quite the feat. Most my stuff is still in boxes, and will probably just remain in those boxes until I move to Waco. As much stuff as I got done, there was play time too. I went down to San Marcos and floated the river for my friend Valarie’s bachelorette party, and soon after got to attend Val and Coby’s wedding. I went to the Rascal Flatts concert, went country dancing a couple times, and hung out with friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better 3 weeks!

Well that’s the update. I will try and not go so long next time. Like I mentioned earlier, I was really stressed and updating the blog seemed last on my list of things to do. I hope all is well with all my readers out there. Love you guys!


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