Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A month as Mrs.Reynolds

I wrote this blog a few weeks ago and forgot to post it. So I'm posting it now!

Well I have been Mrs. Reynolds for 1 month officially now. I am in wedding bliss. I finished my last 2 weeks up at Parkland after the wedding and am now 100% settled in Waco, Tx. The wedding was wonderful, the honeymoon simply fantastic. So far the married life has been everything I ever wanted. I have never been so happy. I didn’t have any crazy expectations out of married life. Like most people, I wanted to love and feel loved every day. Yet even before I married Cameron, I loved him and felt loved by him everyday. So what changed? The promise. Well as best as I can explain it, there is a deep rooted level of intimacy that I desired from a husband that a boyfriend and even fiancĂ© could never fulfill. The promise of forever (or for as long as we both shall live). It may be just simple words heard by some people, but to me this brought forth a deeper intimacy than I could ever know otherwise. I trust and believe in this promise. They are a part of God’s beautiful design for this world and humanity. Throughout the dating/courtship process, I knew me and Cameron had the same views on marriage. We had talked about it several times. But it was our love for Christ that kept our hearts in love with each other. And I know that if we both place God first in our lives, our hearts will always be one. I can’t thank God enough for opening up my heart to hear His truth.

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  1. This is so wonderful to hear! This is how marriage should be, we are so happy for you two!