Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Spring...puppies are in the air!

Cameron and I have a new addition to our family. Her name is Isabella Bluebonnett. She is a german short haired pointer. We had been wanting a dog for a little while now and had decided to start looking on Craigslist for a puppy. Just looking though. We weren't sure if we were quite ready to take on the obligation of a puppy. 2 days into our search, while at work, I had a few minutes to spare and so continued looking on craigslist. I found a posting for gsp puppies and replied back to the posting for them to call Cameron, just to chat. But before I could call Cam and tell him about the message I was called off my break to help with an ambulance, so I didn’t get a chance to call Cam and give him a heads up. I called Cam about 2 hours later to tell him and he had already talked to this man selling the puppies. I laughed at envisioning the phone call that he was not expecting about the dog he was wanting. Maybe he took it as a sign because Cam was very interested and was already picking out our dog. By my lunch break Cameron told me we were getting a dog! Though I didn't know if we were really ready for a dog, I was just as excited. We drove up to Kaufman 3 days later and picked her up. She is beautiful! Her coat is roan, liver ticked with 2 liver spots. Yep. I have no idea what that means either, here is a picture of her:

She was 6 weeks old when we got her. She is now 9 weeks old. We have had her for 3 weeks now and she has learned so much. We have morning training sessions with her daily and has learned to come HERE and SIT. We are working on Lay DOWN and STAY. She has started to retrieve some as well, although often she doesn’t want to let her toy go. She is 90% potty trained. She goes and sits by the door when she needs to go. I say 90% because she gives you about 10 seconds to get up or else she will pee by the door which has happened a couple times in the last week.
Cam has hopes she will be a great hunting companion. These dogs are pointers and water dogs, and with good training can be excellent retrievers...the perfect combination for a good
hunting dog.

She is high energy all the time, unless she is sleeping of coarse. She requires our constant attention right now or we will catch her chewing something she should not be despite her many chew toys (like most puppies).
Here is a picture of Bella and her friend Lucy, she is another GSP who is only 11 months old.
We are very happy dog parents! It seems so natural for her to be apart of our family. We are just enjoying her as a puppy because she is growing fast!

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