Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Position of Transition

It's July of 2012 and once again we find ourselves in a place of transition. We were at this same place just one year ago. Are we staying in Waco or is God calling us to move on? This is the big question. Last year we felt just a strong calling to stay in Waco. Why Waco? Well geographically Waco has been a great place for us to start our marriage. We are 90 minutes from the DFW metroplex where both our families reside making Waco an ideal place for us to live. Not too close, not too far. Great set-up for newly weds!
We made such great friends here in Waco, and last year I felt these friendships were just starting to bloom. It was too soon to leave and start all over again. Having another year behind us really helped to deepen existing friendships and even begin new friendships. Cam and I jumped right in at our church and became members. We started a connection group at our church for any newcomers/visitors so that they could instantly be welcomed into our community, just as we had been. Between the two connection groups we are in, we got to know some amazing people who surrounded us with an even deeper sense of community then I could have ever hoped for. I am blessed beyond belief for these two groups! We were able to be there for friends going through some hard times and be prayer warriors for each other. Life just doesn’t get more beautiful than that!
I hosted a bible study on the book of Daniel by Beth Moore with some of the greatest girls I know (It was an amazing study which I highly recommend). I ran 2 marathons…craziness! We got a dog!
Cameron got some great experience doing all sorts of cool projects at Sticker Universe that allowed him to be inventive and fine-tune his carpentry skills. He also interned at our church, Highland Baptist Church, under our Adult discipleship pastor as connection group coordinator.
Our favorite part, as always, was the opportunities to travel. We spent Christmas in California with my extended family, Cameron went to Nebraska to go pheasant hunting for the first time, we enjoyed some winter skiing in Colorado with John and Rebekah Duke, we road tripped to Tennessee to visit our friend John Lassitter, Cameron went to Idaho with Cornerstone Recovery for a 3 week backpacking trip and rafting trip in June, while I went to California for 10 days to hang out with family and check out San Francisco for the first time. This year was such a blessing for Cameron and I. Our relationship grew as we continue to learn how to live life intentionally through loving Christ and loving our neighbors. We have no regrets about this past year and have cherished our time in Waco. Stay tuned to find out where life takes us/keeps us next…

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