Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the begining...

In the beginning she said YES!:
"Yes I will go on a date with you!"
"Yes I will go on a second date with you!"
"Yes, of course I will marry you!"

Between Cameron "the go-getter" and Michelle "the indecisive thinker" we thought it would be fun to start a blog together and share our life and wedding planning mayhem with all of you. It has been hard to catch up and contact everyone (as we would like to) and fill you in on new and exciting wedding details, so now you can come to our blog. We are so excited to start this planning process. It will be a journey for sure, because lets face it...planning hasn't been a thing that either of us have excelled at, so now we learn together, which could get us in double trouble.

We named our blog "this might seem random", as this was how our relationship started, randomly. Or was it? We don't really think it was all that random anymore. But we have to admit that if you were to trace our relationship from the time we first met until now, we would seem to be a pretty random pairing. For those of you that don't know, Cameron and Michelle met at A&M-Commerce our sophomore year when we had a class together. We became good acquaintances during the year and a half we went to school together, but no lasting friendship seemed to arise from us. We exchanged a few (and random) facebook messages over the remaining years but nothing significant. That is until Michelle's 24th birthday when this facebook message popped up in her inbox:

from: Cameron Reynolds
September 7 at 1:14am
howdy do mam, hope you have a great bday! this might seem random but nonetheless i would really like to take you out on a date some time if your not too busy on the weekends. i'm sorry i still dont have your number to call and ask and no worries if you cant. stay well. God speed.

It's fun to go back and re-read some of our pre-dating messages to each other. It reminds us that even the most simple or random event that occurs may circle itself into your life at a latter time. We find this mysterious yet exciting. This is just one beauty of life. Come join us in experiencing some of our life's random moments.

-cameron and michelle

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