Friday, May 28, 2010

Its all about the dress...

A lot of things happened this weekend, Michelle and I felt a little like we were in a pinball machine but it was very much worth getting to see family, friends and for her to make a little holiday cash by working on Sunday.

So Michelle picked her dress out last week, I hear its white and that it looks super good on her :). I am such a lucky man to be marrying her and I can not wait to see that woman walking down the aisle.

The bridesmaid's dresses were picked! So many thanks to Jessica and Cory for their input and help with decision making. This picture is of Cory modelling the first dress for us that they chose. We couldn't have this one, David's Bridal apparently doesn't carry it any more (we didn't want it anyways..) but we found one just like it at Alfred Angelo's. HA! We finally make a decision and they tell you that they don't carry it anymore even though it is on the racks. Weddings will make you crazy!

We finished moving Caleb and Reagan in last weekend into their new house in Grand Prairie, it is so surreal to think that they own such a beautiful home. I am a proud brother. Caleb is so handy; he has already fixed the water heater, put in new appliances (fridge, overhead microwave), repaired several leaks in the sprinklers and numerous smaller projects. And Reagan is such a sweet heart to go into a "fixer upper", I am crossing my fingers that Michelle will be so patient with our first home (I get really excited thinking about sharing a home with her).

This weekend we went on a triple date with my old roommates, Josh and Autumn Lockett and Caleb and Reagan. We have missed them so much since they left us for Law School at OU. The evening started with a little Uncle Julio's in Uptown and then we went to have a drink at Caleb's new house and relax a little. That couple just makes my heart warm with memories.

Also this weekend we attended the church we plan on having the wedding at, Capstone Church in Benbrook. Before we booked them for sure we just wanted to attend at least one service and make certain they don't practice voodoo or sacrifice small animals on the same stage I want to exchange vows on. But is does turn out that this church loves the Lord, it was a good change of pace for both Michelle and I to see a proper charismatic church again. We might have even found a little Holy Ghost :). So things are coming into order. We have a church for sure, a reception cite, Michelle's dress as well as the brides maids and I went to Men's Wearhouse Saturday and I picked out the Tuxes also. Now, we only have about 4,092,982,872 more things to consider and October 16th will be here!

Here are a couple of the pics from the Memorial day party at the Alvarado's.


Monica giving a little peace and joy.

playing with the new camera, taking pics under water is just cool :)

Thanks for checking us out and look for a new webisode shortly. God speed


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